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Through his photography, Timothy Hearsum preserved the look and feel of the Hooven & Allison ropemaking factory in 1973. Many of his photgraphs are seen in the Ropewalk film.


These color slides by Timothy Hearsum, from Bill Hagenbuch’s collection, are now archived at the Greene County Library in

Xenia, Ohio.


Used by permission of Timothy Hearsum and Bill Hagenbuch.





The black & white prints by Timothy Hearsum are archived at the Greene County Public Library in Xenia, Ohio.

Used by permission of Timothy Hearsum and Greene County Public Library.



This collection includes Bill Hagenbuch’s color slide of the H&A through the years, as well as sisal plantations in Tanzania, and abaca (manila) growing in Honduras.


Photos courtesy of Bill Hagenbuch



The Space Elevator, animated in this video as envisioned by Bradley Edwards, the most current proponent of this means of getting into space cheaply.


The initial research behind this video was funded by the NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts.


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Ropewalk wins

Silver Medal

of Excellence for Best Impact of Music in a Documentary Film at the 2009 Park City Film Music Festival

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