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Ropewalk wins

Silver Medal

of Excellence for Best Impact of Music in a Documentary Film at the 2009 Park City Film Music Festival

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Ropewalk Movie.


Use the “Play” arrow at left to view the Ropewalk film trailer.


Hearts & Stars” was produced for the Hooven & Allison Company of Xenia, Ohio, in the 1940's. The film features ropemaking footage from inside the H&A.


Fiber for Rope and Twine” was an industry film produced for the Cordage Institute in the 1950’s. The film shows the importance of the farm market to ropemaking in the United States.


Nearly forgotten for over 50 years, these two 16mm film reels were discovered in Bill Hagenbuch’s basement during the making of “Ropewalk”. The reels are now archived at the Greene County Public Library in Xenia, Ohio.


Industry on Parade: Ropewalk” features the Charlestown Navy Yard ropewalk, with ropemaking equipment nearly identical to that in the H&A. The film clip was appears courtesy of the Boston National Historical Park.



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