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The Road to Xenia


Listen to Audio Clips:


1   My Funny Clementine

2   Down Along Main Street

3   Space

4   Down Along Main Street (reprise)

5   March of the Bustrusters

6   Ropewaltz

7   My Funny Clementine (reprise)

8   Aunt Betsy’s Ex-husband

    Samuel’s March

9   Stevie’s  Blues

10 The Road to Xenia

Ropewalk Soundtrack

Bruce Dalzell, Ohio contemporary folk singer/songwriter, has composed, recorded and engineered a quintessential American musical soundtrack for Ropewalk.


Each musical composition enhances the various themes of the film perfectly, using typical American-sounding melodies - including marches, waltzes and blues - played on instruments such as guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo, snare drum and synthesizer.


In Bruce’s own words, “Music is a basic element of film - together with light, form and movement, a soundtrack evokes response from the viewer, all in support of a storyline.”


Bruce, and Ropewalk,  received a Silver Award of Excellence for Best Impact of Music in a Documentary, at the 2009 Park City Film Music Festival.


Go to Bruce’s website www.brucedalzellcom




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Award-winning original score by composer Bruce Dalzell.



Ropewalk wins

Silver Medal

of Excellence for Best Impact of Music in a Documentary Film at the 2009 Park City Film Music Festival

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