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Ropemaking Resources


Ropemaking Videos on the Web (Top)

Hearts & Stars - H&A 1940’s

Fiber for Rope and Twine - Cordage Institute

Repslageri 1934

Discovery News: World’s Oldest Ropes Found

Chatham Ropewalk

How to Make a Rope

Qeswachaka, Inka Bridge

How to Make Rope - Rotterdam

Traditional Ropemaking


Ropewalk Print References (Top)

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Space Elevator (Top)

The Space Elevator Blog

The Spaceward Foundation

Space Elevator Reference

Space Elevator Reference Blog


Sites Linking to Ropewalk (Top)


MERC Database

Blue Jacket Books

Documentary Films

Film Dayton




Ropewalk Associates (Top)

Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation

Engineers Club of Dayton

Engineers Club Blog

Cordage Institute

Ohio Landscape Productions

Timothy Hearsum

Bruce Dalzell

Martel Art

Greene County Public Library

Greene County Historical Society

Boston National Historical Park

Greene Giving

City of Xenia

Hooven Allison LLC

Dayton History Books Online

American Sail Training Institute


History Films of Interest (Top)

A Forest Returns

Dayton Codebreakers

Goodbye, The Levee Has Broken

Two Americas: The Legacy of our Hemisphere







Ropemaking For Teachers

Ropemaking, Knots and Cordage

Ropemaking History

Ropemaking Videos on the Web

Ropewalk Print References

Space Elevator

Sites Linking to Ropewalk

Ropewalk Associates

History Films of Interest



Ropemaking for Teachers  (Top)

Twisted Strands - Simple Machines and Ropemaking in the Charlestown Navy Yard (PDF)

Ropewalk for Sail Training (PDF)

Lesson Plan for Ropemaking

Ropemaking with a Spinner (PDF)

Ropemaking Grades 5-12 (PDF)


Ropemaking, Knots, and Cordage (Top)

Yahoo Groups Ropemaking

Pineapple Knot Forum

Jack Tar Sailor’s Knots and Ropework

Native American Cordage

Cordage Institute Links

Knots on the Web

Animated Knots by Grog

Yahoo groups Knot Tyers

International Guild of Knot Tyers


"Spinning a New Strategy." Time 16 APR 2009

Spinning Yarns, Time Photogallery


Ropemaking History (Top)

H.W. Longfellow - The Ropewalk

Footrope Knots, Ipswich, England

Charlestown Navy Yard Ropewalk at Boston National  Historical Park

Ropery at Chatham Dockyard

Howell Farm - Story of the Binder

Bridport Museum

Barton Ropery Education Packs

Talllship Gazela

How the Inca Leapt Canyons - Inca Rope Bridges

Plymouth Cordage Museum

Ancient Egypt Rope Making

Coils of Ancient Egyptian Rope Found in Cave

de Lijndraaier

Sindifibras - History of Brazilian Sisal

A History and Evolution of Spinning




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